Remortgaging & Equity Release

If you are considering changing mortgage lender or releasing equity from your home then our Residential Property team can assist you

Our Service

If you are changing mortgage lender, for example, to secure a better interest rate then your new lender will require title checks and searches to be carried out on their behalf. We will carry out the necessary checks to provide your lender with a report on title for the property. We will then agree with you a completion date to suit your particular circumstances including settlement of any existing mortgage funding.

You may wish to release the equity in your home by mortgaging for the first time either as a standard or lifetime mortgage. Lifetime mortgages are often referred to as Equity Release schemes where a capital sum is released to you but no repayments of interest or capital are made during your lifetime.

At AIM, we have solicitors who are able to advise you in a friendly manner on the technicalities of Equity Release schemes and help you understand the implications this will have upon your family’s inheritance.

Our Approach & Our Experience

Our team is recognised as one of the friendliest and most approachable in Manchester whilst at the same time being the market leader in terms of service levels.

We pride ourselves on our practical, no-nonsense approach to what sometimes can be a frustrating process. Our highly efficient residential property team has a wealth of experience and we deliver a bespoke, pro-active service that is responsive to our clients’ needs.