Land Solicitors

We regularly act on behalf of clients purchasing and or selling a piece of land

Our Service

People buy land for a multitude of reasons. A growing number see it as an alternative investment to property – something that is safer in the medium to long-term. Other individuals will want to purchase a plot of land near their property to protect it from future development.

Whatever your reasons we can act for you on the sale and purchase of land in relation to:

  • Farm land
  • Development land
  • Paddock
  • Amenity land for your existing property
  • Investment land or Woodland
  • Fishing and hunting rights

If you are buying land for development, our land solicitors will examine the transaction in the wider context of your planning intentions. We can identify any designations that may affect your use, such as Environmental Stewardship Schemes or Sites of Specific Scientific Interest and associated environmental issues.

We check rights of access and, where necessary, advise on new rights of way for access and services that may be required.

We will also advise on any new covenants and restrictions to be imposed and on any ‘uplift’ or ‘claw back’ provisions on land with development potential. We can act for – and with – any financial provider especially your Bank or the Agricultural Mortgage Corporation to finance a land purchase as well as advising you of your tax position so as to recommend involvement of other relevant professionals where appropriate.


Our Approach & Our Expertise

Our experienced property solicitors can provide you with the advice and support necessary to protect your interests and secure your investment, whether you are selling land as part of your garden or buying land for development, or just your enjoyment.

We’re renowned for our comprehensive approach to managing your land. We consider every angle so as to provide you the best possible advice.